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Top Ten Lessons From a Podcasting Veteran

As Harrison Ford famously ad-libbed in Raiders of the Lost Ark, “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” For something around fifteen years, I have participated in the world of podcasting, as a listener to internet “radio shows” since before RSS feeds existed, and as a creator since 2007. I have watched as the form has grown from a niche hobby thing to a mainstream media form. I am especially glad to see so many voices in the Star Wars fan community jumping into this realm. I am consistently amazed at the quality of discussions, the diversity of personalities and opinions, and the opportunities that have been created to communicate with and meet the creators behind the saga.

My credentials aren’t extensive, but here they are: I started the As-Yet Untitled podcast in 2007; rebranded as Things are Looking Up in 2008; contributed voices on multiple audio projects; wrote … Read More

A Change in Focus

Sometimes a podcast does this. The host has a decent run then gets distracted by life, circumstances, sometimes other hobbies. In this case, I’ve been trying to figure out what this show really needs to be. There are a lot of shows out there: Rebel Force Radio, Full of Sith, Coffee With Kenobi, Fly Casual, The Star Wars Report, Blabba the Hutt, Now, This is Podcasting!, Cloud City Casino, Star Wars 7×7, Fangirls Going Rogue, The Cantina Cast–just to name a lot, and that just scratches the surface! Where’s a guy like me going to fit in with all that noise? So many choices!

When I started The As-Yet Untitled Podcast in 2007, there was only The ForceCast to speak of. I’ve watched the podcasting community grow, and so many more voices now have a great Star Wars show! … Read More

Episode 9: Pablo Hidalgo and the Philosophy of the Force

I am joined by friend, voice actor, and mutual Star Wars aficionado Christopher Walker. In this episode we’re tackling the recent spate of fan speculation brought on by Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm’s Story Group, tweeting about the Force, Midichlorians, and whether or not Han Solo was Force Sensitive! What was Pablo actually saying? Will we ever actually know? And who is Supreme Leader Snoke? All these questions and more (except perhaps that last one)!


Episode 8: Sounding Like a Separatist

Michael O’Connor over at Retrozap has written an excellent piece on the politics of Star Wars. Trust me, it’s not boring. I think there is some excellent information in there. In this episode I go a little longer than normal, I review the piece, and offer my own commentary. I felt it necessary to provide a few clarifications from my perspective based on the article, but I really recommend you check it out for yourself. Very thought-provoking.

Links: Tolkien’s Vision of Liberty and Limited Government, Inside the VC and the NVA: The Real Story of North Vietnam’s Armed Forces


Episode 6: The Force Awakens

Now that the Blu-Rey* is out and I’ve had the opportunity to really absorb the film, where does it stand among the rest of the Star Wars saga? This is not a commentary or a review, but just me free-wheeling on the new characters, the old characters, my thoughts and feelings about the movie, and a little bit of speculation.



Episode 5: Star Wars Rebels

Finally back after a long hiatus! Apologies for the long delay, but I’m possessed with a new focus and new energy, and a solid idea of where the show is headed. This week talking about Star Wars Rebels and that wonderful Season Two finale, Twilight of the Apprentice! Is Ahsoka alive or dead? What happened between her and Darth Vader? Where do we go from here? Get all my theories here. You may hear something you haven’t heard yet!


Episode 004: Battlefront, Skellig Michael and After Many Maths

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Episode 003: Betas, Bullies and Girl Power

Hope everyone had a good Force Friday! We’re still eagerly anticipating the release of a new trailer, though we don’t know whether that will happen out of Dragon*Con or perhaps later this month. My money is on early October, but we’ll see! Meanwhile, here are the links:

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