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Episode 12: Star Wars Rebels and Battlefront 2

Talking about the upcoming final season of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, and the impending release of Battlefront 2 from Electronic Arts. Should we expect the impending doom of the Ghost Crew? Will any of our beloved Jedi survive? Perhaps they are not technically ‘Jedi’ at all, and that will be Lucasfilm’s continuity ‘out’ for surviving Darth Vader’s wrath, and they will avoid making Yoda a liar. There’s a new trailer out for Battlefront 2! It looks like a fantastic and massive game, but the jury is still out on it’s future development. How much will they expand it, and should they add the beloved Galactic Conquest feature down the road?

(Despite what I said in the episode, I have resurrected the voicemail line! Call in with your comments, questions or snide remarks!)

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