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Episode 18: The Balance of the Force and Saving What we Love

Three ideas that launch this week’s discussion. It all comes down to the lesson of The Last Jedi, a lesson that the Geeks and Gamers crowd sadly missed. Within lies a cautionary tale lest we miss the lesson ourselves.

First, will Kylo Ren be redeemed, and could Leia be the one to do it? Speculation on redemption and the balance of the Force. Second, a little more on the editor who fired Chuck Wendig from his Marvel comics, which springboards into a discussion about how to come together in the center between the extremes. Finally, a legal disclaimer from Lucasfilm replaces a list of fan sites and podcasts. What does that mean for the future of the Star Wars fan community? It probably means that professionalism and civility are rather important.  

Check out The Lost Prince of Alderaan: The Fall and Redemption of Ben Solo Part One

Excerpts from TheForce.Net’s interview with Mickey Capoferri, Senior Director of Online Content & Programming for Lucasfilm.


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