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Episode 19: DICE are the Good Guys, also Mark Hamill is not Helping

This week we’re talking about Mark Hamill’s comments on Twitter regarding the Force “killing” Luke Skywalker, meanwhile The Last Jedi is holding the lead in U.S. Blu-Ray sales. Also, Kotaku’s recent article on Rockstar Games and ‘Crunch’ in the Video Games industry, and how it may explain why DICE seems slower with updates than other companies. Lastly, Jade Raymond recently left EA Motive, the studio she founded, and the coverage may provide some clue as to why. But this seems to be a problem at EA, with execs and directors leaving Star Wars titles with alarming regularity. It’s almost like they don’t know what they’re doing with the Star Wars IP.

The Force “killed” Luke? Mark Hamill’s comments on Twitter

Rockstar Games, Crunch and DICE


The Last Jedi is still number 1 in Blu-Ray sales in the U.S.

Jade Raymond leaves EA Motive

Jade Raymond Has Left EA’s Motive Studios

Jade Raymond Leaves EA, Star Wars Video Games As Lost As Star Wars Movies

Samantha Ryan

Boba Fett is only MOSTLY dead

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